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Why does CBD work as a biological capsule?
That the cannabidiol, abbreviated CBD, from cannabis (hemp and weed plants) works as a natural and supportive agent for optimal health, more and more people are experiencing this as a fact. More and more researchers have provided scientific evidence that CBD can cope with many health complaints for humans and animals.

No side effects like prescription drugs
Although some people are still reluctant to apply cannabis as a medicinal product, the interest in this unique plant greatly increases. The most particular fact experienced after use is that there are no significant side effects. Something that is a common problem with regular medicine.

In most cases, it gives a noticeable effect in a very short time after intake. In some situations, the medication may occur even a few minutes after the capsule intake. In addition, it is remarkable and very unique to mention that cannabis can be used in so many different diseases, disorders and conditions.

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Why CBD capsules?
Upon ingestion of CBD with a capsule, the substance is only released into the stomach. The capsules are available in taste and odorless capsules. In addition, it is easy for on the road. You can easily take the right amount of capsules. The capsules are easy and inconspicuous, as opposed to drops. The dust in the capsules will not be lost when the weather is hot. These are advantages compared to the CBD Oven that is often strong in taste, more difficult to tolerate. Sometimes produces side effects such as nausea or bowel disease. These unpleasant things are not with the CAPSULES.


Dosage Capsules

It is advisable to start with one capsule. This way you can see what the effect is and whether your body does not respond to the capsule undesirably. If the effect is good, the dose can be increased slowly, but in most cases a capsule is a day’s work. Please read the attached information in advance for the correct use of the product. The capsules are used in combination with another treatment? Then it is wise to submit this to the general practitioner first.
The effects of CBD may differ per person, but the drug is often used in sleep problems and stress, but also to reduce physical pain. There are several ways to incorporate CBD. The product is often used in the form of oil, but can also be taken by capsules. Especially for those who can not tolerate the taste of the oil, this can be an outcome. Furthermore, it is easy to take in and to take along for on the road. What effect does CBD actually have on the body? And what are the benefits of taking CBD through capsules?
CBD has been developed according to the latest scientific insights. It helps with restless feelings, as a natural tranquilizer, for a good sleep and healthy sleep, for a good mood and for the nervous system.

Whatever is good to know about our CBD products is that:
It’s 100% natural
It comes from EU certified hemp plants
Legally and freely available
It has characteristic features
It’s not psychoactive
It is not addictive
It does not give way
It does not make it sober
It can also be administered to children and animals
It is available in various CBD percentages
It does not contain any additives that may be harmful to human or environmental