The effect and composition of Bodysil

Despite a balanced and healthy diet, every human experiences a deficiency in certain minerals as they age. This is because there are not enough of these trace elements in our soil. Fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products today contain too little of these important substances. If this deficit is not compensated it will inevitably lead to serious health problems.

The patented formula of Bodysil consists of seven major, highly concentrated and 100% absorbable organic minerals. Because of its balanced composition, Bodysil has a positive effect on the entire body. It benefits our skeletal system, makes our blood vessels, muscles and nails stronger and healthier, and thickens our hair. In addition, it contributes to maintain flexible joints and healthy bone density. Bodysil also affects the quality and elasticity of the skin by stimulating collagen production.

Bodysil contributes to:

  • Flexible joints
  • Strong bones
  • Powerful muscles
  • Beautiful skin
  • Strong nails
  • Full hair
  • Increased resistance
  • Stress resistance
  • Slowing aging
Bodysil positief voor je lichaam

Until your 40th birthday, your body will take care of you. After your 40th, it will be a matter of smart cooperation.

Bodysil' s  unique mineral complex has a restorative effect and strengthens our immune systeme. It significantly reduces the risk of common diseases.

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Bodysil is composed of seven essential minerals


Silicon is found in connective tissue, hair, and nails. This substance isn't found that much in todays daily food.

Some symptoms of a lack of silicon are weak brittle nails (which immediately break), dry hair and wrinkles. Wrinkles may arise because the formation of connective tissue that supports the skin from the inside, diminishes.

Sources of silicon include: whole grains, vegetables, fiber, citrus and hard drinking water.


A large number of people have a chronic shortage of selenium. Selenium occurs in the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, this enzyme has a strong anti-oxidant effect. Selenium also helps to regulate the blood pressure, it increases the resistance and aids in the removal of toxic metals from the body. Selenium also plays a role in the formation of coenzyme Q10, one coenzyme involved in the conversion of food into energy.

Selenium breaks up accumulated mercury. Mercury can accumulate on hundreds of places in our body in the blood, kidneys, liver, brain and bones. Mercury is poisonous and has a very negative impact on our health.

Sources of selenium include: whole wheat bread, garlic, nuts, bran, vegetables, organ meats, milk and fish.


Magnesium is also known as the anti-stress mineral. This mineral is an important nutrient for the brains. It increases resistance to stress, depression, tension and mental fatigue. Magnesium further enhances memory and concentration. Furthermore, magnesium is involved in the release of energy from food and proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles.

Finally, this mineral is involved in the formation of strong bones and teeth, and it is employed as a co-factor of B and C vitamins.

Sources of magnesium include green leafy vegetables, nuts, brown rice, soybeans, whole grains, legumes, and fish.



Calcium is the mineral that is found  in the largest amount (about 1.5 kg) in the body back. Of the total amount, 99% present in the bones and teeth. Calcium is one of the main constituents of the skeleton. The remainder is in the organs, blood and muscles.

Calcium is stored in the muscle cells in certain organelles. When a nerve impulse from the brains is sent to a muscle, the calcium ions are released. As a result the muscle contracts. The mineral is essential for proper cardiac function, and it plays a role in the transmission of the nerve impulse.

Calcium also has a regulatory effect on the blood pressure, and it is involved in blood coagulation processes.

Calcium is an important element for cell growth. It plays a role in the process of cell division and differentiation and it is necessary for cell and tissue renewal. With sufficient calcium, these processes take place optimally.

Nutrients with high calcium are: green vegetables, cheese, milk, dairy products, fish, nuts and hard tap water.


Zinc plays a role in hundreds of biological processes in the body. It is, inter alia, involved in the synthesis of DNA, RNA and hormone (testosterone). The mineral is also involved in the way vitamin A works and  the metabolism of carbohydrates, alcohol and fatty acids. Zinc acts as a coenzyme of the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), which protects the body against free radicals.

Zinc is also important for the immune system. Symptoms of low zinc levels are: low resistance, hair loss, fatigue, white spots on the nails, irritability, skin problems and poor appetite.

Major sources of zinc include oysters, fish, (body) meat, vegetables, mushrooms, whole grain products, milk, egg yolk and yeast.

zink in voeding


Quite a lot of research results indicate that boron should be added to the list of essential minerals. Boron, of course, helps to keep the calcium level up to date. It reduces the amount of calcium and magnesium lost through the urine. The fabric thus ensures the maintenance of strong bones and smooth joints. Boron is therefore added to calcium supplements for the prevention of bone depletion (osteoporosis).

In addition, boron could help prevent joint arthritis (arthrosis) and arthritis. Borion seems to affect the metabolism of energy, the metabolism of vitamin D and some minerals. The metabolism is the process of transforming a nutrient into another substance.

Furthermore, boron appears to contribute to brain function, hormone regulation and immune system. A boron deficiency causes calcium loss and loss of minerals in the bones.

Some symptoms:

  • fragile bones
  • low calcium in the blood
  • too much of calcium and magnesium in the urine

In addition, a boron deficiency would cause growth retardation, stress and transient complaints. In addition, it would strengthen a vitamin B deficiency.


Manganese is required for the formation of bone tissue. Furthermore, the trace element is part of a number of enzymes in the body that are important in the energy metabolism. Manganese is said to protect the body cells from oxidative stress.

Bodysil no side effects

No side effects are known from Bodysil. Bodysil is a safe supplement when used as a prescription. No interactions with other substances are known. Some women may receive with a daily dose of more than 4 drops gastrointestinal tract, in which case you should reduce the dose. We do not recommend using Bodysil during pregnancy or during breastfeeding.

In a single case, an innocent and shortening exacerbation of the complaints may occur in the beginning of ingestion of the drops. This indicates that you react intensively to Bodysil. If this aggravation is inconvenient, you should reduce the recommended dose. If you find any side effects, please report this. Do not use Bodysil on open wounds or sexual organs and prevent eye contact!