Professor Dirk Van den Berghe

He was the first to show that hard-to-use molecules that exist in nature, such as silicon acid, could be concentrated in bioavailable form. These could be used for humans, animals and plants.

With this he brought a long-generated element into the news. It turned out that all organisms benefit greatly from ORTHO SILICON ACID if it is concentrated in the right form. Normally, silicon acids are difficult to concentrate and follow in vivo.

From this point of time it became possible to concentrate and dose bioavailable silicon. A new remedy for human, plant and animal born was born.

Gen5 uses only the original and patented products of Professor Van den Berghe. These are perfect for restoring, healing, and keeping your body healthy! Dr. Van den Berghe is a professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. He is also a holder of various international patents on antimicrobials and nutritional supplements and has written over 250 international publications. Professor Vanden Berghe is also an internationally recognized expert on the biological activities of flavonoids and other natural compounds, and the patent holder of the assimilable silicon.

It goes without saying that a shortage in the body that has arisen due to years of poor supply of silicon (impoverished food and / or age) can not be supplemented in a few weeks' time. Silicon must be used for a long time before it can rebuild its unique strength. Bodysil and its active elements, including Silicon, help you get a better health and maintain it. All of this by means of 1 dietary supplement in drop form that is easy for anyone to use.