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Gen 5 products can help with cleansing, detoxifying, restoring and rejuvenate your body in a natural way

About Gen 5 1

Gen 5 offers you 100% natural nutritional supplements.

Our products have a unique and patented composition.

The result of years of scientific research.

The balanced composition of the Gen 5 products could have a positive effect on the whole body. Silicon contributes to healthy bones, muscles and blood vessels, it strengthens the nails and makes the hair thicker and firmer. Silica also contributes to the maintenance of healthy and smooth joints and strong bones and a strong bone structure.1-2  It improves skin quality and elasticity by stimulating collagen and keratin production. Gen5 products are packed with essential minerals including Silicon.

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How certain physical complaints arise, and how Silica can help you to recover and prevent them.

In this fast-paced society, it is not easy to lead a healthy life and relax. Every day we are exposed to many unhealthy factors such as stress, smoking, particulates and harmful substances in our food.

There is a lot of information about healthy living, and what we should, and should not eat and drink. We know about most products that we use on daily bases, but in the jungle of different products and labels it is hard to make judgments.

Thus making it difficult to determine which products are healthy, or specifically unhealthy for us.

A pseudo-secure society is created, in which we lose control and can not decide what is the right balance for our body. The consequences are an overall reduced immunity, health, and increased susceptibility to diseases.

Extensive research has shown that silicon as we age is less well absorbed in our body. How much silicon we ingest daily through our food and drinking water is difficult to measure because most of our daily used products contain "non absorbable" silicon.

All of the natural oceanic, river, spring and groundwater contains absorbable Orthosilicic Acid (OSA), but just in VERY LOW quantities.

All living organisms absorb this, and evolution took place over hundreds of million of years under the significant influence of this ubiquitous element. Today, the absorption of OSA is negatively affected by changing environmental conditions.

Soil pollution because of the widespread use of toxic pesticides, plays an important role herein. Also by intensive water purification, much silicon is lost, which means that we find only a small amount of silicon in our drinking water.

Silicon is an essential element.

About Gen 5 2

Silicon is vital for our body

Silicon (silicic acid) is a quasi-essential trace element for our body and is absolutely essential for the construction of cell walls and connective tissue. Deficits weaken the entire body and overall resistance.

Silicon is mainly found in tissues which should have a certain degree of toughness or strength, such as bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, blood vessel walls (aorta), connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, but also the spleen, pancreas, the liver, the kidney, heart, and thyroid.

Silicon activates all important building blocks in the body and causes the body to function optimally. Silicon is also involved in the calcification of the bones, it is a synergist of calcium, and is found in high concentrations in those parts of the bone where calcification occurs. Silicon has a beneficial effect on osteoporosis. 

( 2007 Mar-Apr;11(2):99-110.)

Prevents aluminum toxicity

It has been found that a higher amount of aluminum can be found in brain injuries in patients suffering from Alzheimer's. It has been discovered that silicon, by the way it binds to aluminum, prevents its uptake in the gastrointestinal tract and can thereby reduce the symptoms of aluminum toxicity.

 2011 Jan;69(1):41-51. doi: 10.1111/j.1753-4887.2010.00360.x.  / Birchall JD, Chappell JS(1988). ‘Chemistry of aluminium and silicon in relation to Alzheimer’s disease”Clin Chem 34(2):265-267.

When we age it is particularly necessary to complement the Silicon deficiencies in the body because it has been proven that:

  • silicon is an essential element for our body (collagen, cartilage, bone and elastin)1-2

  • because of air and soil pollution silicon has largely disappeared from our food and drinking water

  • silicon levels rapidly decrease in the body when we age

1.Nielsen et al. Update on the possible nutritionnal importance of silicon.Int. J Endocrinol.2013 ; 2013 :316783.
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Absorption of  "good OSA"

Because we always assumed that Silicon was sufficiently available in our food and drinking water and that prepared body absorbable Silicon did not exist, this trace element has been forgotten for ages.

However twenty years ago, Professor Dirk Vanden Berghe was the first to succeed in preparing and to dose high concentrations of absorbable silicic acid (OSA) for humans, animals and plants into bio-available absorbable form.

Thus bringing a long-neglected element back in the news.

Silicon is an essential building block for our body and an important component of the products of Gen 5 in the form of body absorbable Ortho silicic acid (OSA).

Gen5 only use the original and patented products from Prof Vanden Berghe.

They are specifically suited to restore and keep your body healthy!

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