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Gen 5 Health 100% natural nutritional supplements

Gen5 uses only the original and patented products of Professor Vanden Berghe.

These are perfect for restoring, healing, and keeping your body healthy!

Dr. Vanden Berghe is a professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. He is the patent holder of the absorbable silicon.

Mineral silicon, silicic acid or orthosilicic acid: what is the difference? Mineral silicon consists of one atom of silicon and two atoms of oxygen (SiO 2). It is insoluble in water and is not absorbed by the body. Silicic acid is the vegetable molecular form: mineral silicon is converted by certain plants into vegetable silica, silicon or orthosilicon acid. In this water-soluble form, the silicon element is best absorbed at the level of the intestine, transported through the blood and excreted in the urine.

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Gen 5 products can assist you with detoxifying, regenerating and rejuvenate your body on a natural way.

The balanced composition of the Gen 5 products can help your body to your natural health.

Silicon is an essential mineral. Silicon activates all the important elements in the body and ensures that the body is able to function optimally and also helps prevent diseases and disorders that attack the body. Silicon also plays a role, for example, in the elasticity of the skin, blood vessels and tendons, the firmness of the bone and the cartilage. 1-2

Silicon also helps regulate the distribution and fixation of magnesium and calcium, by improving their synergy, including in the calcification of the bone.

1.Nielsen et al. Update on the possible nutritionnal importance of silicon.Int. J Endocrinol.2013 ; 2013 :316783.
2.Rodella et al. A review of the efffects of dietary silicon intake on bone homeostasis and regeneration. J Nutr Health Aging 2014 Nov ; 18(9) :820-6.



Gen 5 Health products


100% Natural nutritional supplements
Unique, patented composition
Result of years of scientific research


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According to Belgian law every supplement as well as every food product available on the market should carry a NUT-number. Food products that don't have this NUT-number are not allowed to be sold.

In other words, dietary supplements that don't have  a NUT-number are considered illegal and unsafe for use.

A NUT-number consists of 2 parts; the first part is the suppliers number and the second part is an registration number that FAVV (Federaal Agentschap voor de Veiligheid van de Voedselketen, comparable to the FDA in the USA)  grants to the concerning  dietary supplement.

During the process of registration dietary supplements are checked on safety, content and number of ingredients they consist of. The label should exactly match the content of the capsule, soft gel or liquid.  This is not a one-time check, but will be checked systematically and on a regular bases, to prevent manufacturers from altering their products after being issued a NUT-number.

Gen5 only sells dietary supplements manufactured by suppliers that use products with a NUT-number and  which are registered by the FAVV.

When you purchase Gen5 supplements you are guaranteed a product that is safe to use and of good composition. Our dietary supplements do not contain any illegal and/or potentially dangerous substances. Used quantities do not cause any side effects in case of over dosage.

(Federaal Agentschap voor de Veiligheid van de Voedselketen, comparable to the FDA) and is being checked on regular bases. The dietary supplements that we sell are registered and have a NUT-number for all ingredients.

Plans are made to apply this Belgian  registration law in all European countries. In that case many dietary supplements will be forbidden in Belgium as wel as in other European countries.

Expectations are that Holland will soon apply Belgian registration rules.



  • Enduraxil Sport Collagenator (29,99)
    reviewed by Philippe

    I have been a regular user of Gen5 Collagenator since years.
    It undoubtedly boosted my late sports achievements culminating in the winning of my regional Kart championship at the age of 75.
    Last fall, I ran out of Collagenator and went without it for a few weeks. As anyone knows, fall is a time of the year where the changes of weather can take a painful toll on joints and backs… and gradually I was waking up with more discomfort by the day.
    Three days only after being able to resume my daily intake of Collagenator and Bodysill I was starting my mornings without any reminder of my knuckle or a back joints… !

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